Made her debut as a recording artist with her album in 1988 from Sony Records
Worked with an All stars creative team such as David Foster, Joel Dorn, Duet with PAUL ANKA and more.
.Relocated to Los Angeles from Japan in 2011.
Established own performance style, improvisational vocal style of creating momentum music with Zen meditation healing property.

Influenced by Japanese Traditional Noh, SHIMAI and UTAI ( Dance and Singing), and Portuguese music

2019 Recording for Film 6UNDERGROUND (composer Lorne Balfe)

2018 performed stJASSC 109th Fundraising GALA

2018 Performed in Emily Mast Santa Monica Cultural Affairs’ 2018 Art @ Tongva Series 

2018 Performed  in Emily Mast FLAX The Dialectic of the Stars - Drag Me Crazy

2017 Song writing and recording with Cheapshot for Film

2017 Recording with Film Composer Charles Bernstein

2017 Recording with Film Composer Cristopher Young

2017 Guest Lead Vocal in Richard Niles Album ( Release from Pony Canyon Record)

2017 Performance in "Adame & Evie" City Garage Theatre

2016  Marc Aramian for the Film Cocktail Party  Sound Track Album Released (Featured Vocal)

2016 9/14 Re-Release Album SORA additional undiscovered 4 tracks ( Tower ReecordsX SONY Entertainment)

2016 Music and Narration for Web series Kang Fu Femmes KETTOU

2015 Japan Expo LA Guest Artist

2015 Alone Existing Haunting Opening ceremony

2015 Recording with Emmy award composer Charles Bernstein Dance Performed by Georgianne Cowan

2015 KOTOTAMA project in August

2015 Principal roll for musical short Film Directed by Davy Walker

 2015 Recording with a composer Marc Aramian for the Film Cocktail Party Director Regge Life

2015 Trailer of Feature Film ZOYA released

2015  / / / /the/ /enola/ /sequence/ / / / Released

track 05 (ALONE spirit & voice, sublamp mix) written and performed by yukiko haneda

2014 Alone Opening Ceremony performance

2014 Sprit & Voice project started on 9/19/2014 Vol 1-10    


Available on  iTunes  &  Spotify

Available on iTunes & Spotify

2014 Album GOOD TIMES,BAD TIMES Domo Records 5th release

Available on   iTunes    &   Spotify

Available on iTunes &Spotify

  • Producers: Brooks Arthur, Steve Lindsey, David Foster, Dennis Lambert, Joel Dorn, Paul Anka, Humberto Gatica Phil Ramone and herself

  • Musicians:

    • Keyboards: Pam Reswick, David Foster, Jeff Lorber, Randy Kerber, Steve Lindsey, Doug Katsaros, Clifford Carter, Shelton Becton

    • Guitar: Bob Mann, Michael Landau, Carlos Alomar, James Harrah, Paul Jackson, Jr., David Spinozza

    • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus

    • Drums: John R. Robinson, Doug Katsaros

    • Percussion: Michael Fisher, Jimmy Bralower, Raphael Padilla, Paulinho DaCosta, Buddy Williams,

    • Sax: Dave Boruff, David "Fathead" Newman, Brandon Fields, Hans Crawford

    • Duet Vocal: Paul Anka(track 4),Warren Wiiebe(track7)

    • Background Vocals: Andrea L. Robinson, Gail S. Kantor, Jean McClain, Katrina Pekins, Dennis Lambert, Cissy Houston, Bill Champlin, Karen Kamon, Tony A. Warren, Valerie Pinston-Mayo, Jaquelyn G. Farris, Orli Cotel, Sivan Cotel, Rachael Graham, Meghan Andrews, Joel Chaiken, Michael Walker, Eden Riegel, Jean T. Fox

2014 Music for Feature Film Zoya     Follow FB page

music by  Raul Ferrando

music by Raul Ferrando


2014 Performance with World Dance Groove and Tony Selvage _ Video Available

2014 Duo performance with Maksim Velivhkin  

Music of  Stephen Cohn ,  Kitaro & Yukiko Haneda

2012- Join Voice department of Mimoda Jazzo Gruppa  _ Video available

2012 Solo performance at 5weeks performance show WHAT IS ART

2012 Single Thinking Of You Domo Records

2012 Album Aire de Tango SeiRecords

Available on  iTunes  & Sptify

Available on iTunes & Sptify

2012 Album Changes Sei Records

Available on  iTunes  & Sptify

Available on iTunes & Sptify

2010 Album Music Trip Aranjuez Domo Records

Available on  iTunes  & Sptify

Available on iTunes & Sptify

2008 Album Fadista Domo Records

Available on  iTunes  & Spotify

Available on iTunes & Spotify

2006 Album Great Masters of art vol3 Victor entertainment

2006 Album Mais para Mikio Watanabe & Best friends Monja Records

 theme song for Travel to Brazil/Sky perfect TV          Available on Amazon & iTunes Japan

2006 Album GOOD TIMES,BAD TIMES Domo Records 4th release

2005 Album GOOD TIMES,BAD TIMES Cool Sounds Records 3ed release

2002 Album Love in the Hands  

Include Theme song of  Bi no kyojin tachi  Sony Music International

Include Theme song of Bi no kyojin tachi Sony Music International

2001 Undiscovered Yukiko Haneda Duo with Jun Fukamachi

1998 Album GOOD TIMES,BAD TIMES Tokuma Japan Records 2nd release

1997 Album GOOD TIMES,BAD TIMES Sei Records

1992 Single Tonight I celebrate my love for you Toshiba EMI entertainment

1991 Single You are my home Toshiba EMI entertainment








1989 Album SORA Sony Music Entertainment

CM song for :Shinko Securities Co., Ltd. & Theme song for Lady cup golf Tournament

1988 Single ENCORE Sony Music Entertainment

Theme song for T V Drama DAKISHIMETAI FUJITV

1988 Album BEATING MESS Sony Music Entertainment 

Music Video/ Surge   Maze

1984  Undiscovered Yukiko Haneda ( First recording for JAL campaign in Hawaii George Benson Studio)