Johanna Yukiko Haneda

Johanna Yukiko Haneda made her debut as a recording artist with her album in 1988 from Sony Records. 

Worked with an All stars creative team such as David Foster, Joel Dorn, Duet with PAUL ANKA and more.

Her Elegantly polished voice breathes Through the range of music all from diverse backgrounds.

Relocated to Los Angeles to embark on the newest phase of her career, in performance art, film, TV and theatre.

She established her own performance style, improvisational vocal style of creating momentum music with Zen meditation healing property.

Influenced by Japanese Traditional Noh, SHIMAI and UTAI ( Dance and Singing), and Portugal music FADO. (Portugal is a first western country that came to Japan.)

Working with various Film composers such as Charles Bernstein, Christopher Young and more..

Johanna Yukiko Haneda on vocal Maksim Velichkin on Cello Opening improv Performance for Japan America Society of Southern California at Queen Mary Long Beach CA

JASSC 109th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration


Model in Gucci’s capsule collection celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Courtesy of Gucci. Photos by Petra Collins.




Music by Charles Bernstein and Johanna Yukiko Haneda